Legal Theft: The Final Test (393 words)

When charging into dangerous situations you can either be fast and silent or fast and prepared. Prepared made you slightly more likely to be discovered—but also far more likely be able to get out of any trouble you got yourself into.  Fast and silent got you in and out with the least chance of detection, but also left you with less options if everything decided to take a turn for the worst.

The two schools of thought pretty much had to be mutually exclusive, and led to many a fight between the training agents. The debated happened in its entirety at least once a week in one way or another, each struggling to prove their way to be an agent was the best way to be an agent, each wanting to be right for prides sake, but also out of concern, sure that the other way was going to get their friends and classmates killed.

Mae seemed to be one of the few students who had never taken a side. She listen to the debates and agreed with whatever her team leader told her to do in practice drills.  People asked her to weigh in, and she’d shrug them off, insisting she had better things to do than rehash and argument that no one ever changed sides on.

So on exam day, when the teacher revealed the one and only exam question to be When charging into dangerous situations you can either be fast and silent or fast and prepared. Which should you be and why? Everyone turned to look how Mae would react.

She smiled, wrote down a single sentence. She walked to the front of the room, handed the professor the paper, and continued out the classroom door. Everyone else wrote for the two hours and fifty-seven minutes still allotted them, each thinking in their own way it would be a shame when Mae failed—she would have made an excellent agent.

Mae graduated at the top of the class, and was the only one to receive a top grade on the written part of the exam. She let them twist in the wind for about a week before answering their question.

“It’s simple,”she laughed, “Silent or prepared, it all depends on which situation you’re going into. To say one is always better than the other…that’s going to get someone killed someday.”

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